Sunday October 28, 2018 @ Currie Center

  • 5:00 PMNG vs GRI
  • 5:25 PMNG vs TC
  • 5:50 PMGRI vs RR
  • 6:15 PMNG vs RR
  • 6:40 PMGRI vs TC
  • 7:05 PMTC vs RR
  • 7:30 PMWHA vs BLA
  • 7:55 PMWHA vs BLU
  • 8:20 PMBLA vs MEG
  • 8:45 PMWHA vs MEG
  • 9:10 PMBLA vs BLU
  • 9:35 PMBLU vs MEG

Week 04 Top Twenty + Goalie Stats

“Top Twenty” reflects top 20 in league scoring, as well as anyone tied for 20th position in terms of total points.                         Tweet ... More>

Schedule Week 05 Confirmation

Be advised there was a schedule change from original posting.  Image below reflects updated schedule (as appears on Schedule 2018 page. Tweet ... More>

Game Sheets – As Entered Weeks 1 and 2

Hey Freddys….. As a confirmation to stats (and because anyone can make a mistake) I will be providing the game sheets as entered for each week.  These can be compared to the physical game shee... More>

Who Wants Stats? Weeks 1 and 2 in Pictures

Apologies for the format (still working stuff out) but here are the game results for Weeks 1 and 2.  [NOTE:  In Week 01 Blackout and Grizzlies did not play each other due to time constraint] Click l... More>

Schedule 2018 > Draft

Note:  Not yet vetted for dates for holidays/breaks/etc.  Games begin this week!  (Sep 16)   Sked_2018 Tweet ... More>