Sunday February 25, 2018 @ UNB South Gym

  • 11:30 AMBLA vs WW
  • 11:55 AMBLU vs WW
  • 12:20 PMBLA vs PUR
  • 12:45 PMWW vs PUR
  • 1:10 PMBLU vs BLA
  • 1:35 PMBLU vs PUR
  • 2:00 PMNS vs PYL
  • 2:25 PMNS vs GD
  • 2:50 PMPYL vs STI
  • 3:15 PMNS vs STI
  • 3:40 PMPYL vs GD
  • 4:05 PMGD vs STI

Take the Red Pill… Here is THE MATRIX!

Long overdue but here it is: THE MATRIX For those who may be unfamiliar with the MATRIX it is basically a summary of each player’s points and how they got them: 1) Who assisted on their goals (1... More>

2017-2018 Player Stats Week to Week

Hey y’all, Click the link below for access to EVERYONE’s points history by week, ordered by teams. (you may need to download the Excel spreadsheet) Scroll to the right to see as the weeks... More>


Please note: There were some issues with game times posted earlier (teams with games spread over the entire block of times). Until the website is updated you can refer to the link/image below. Schedu... More>

History: FBHL Team Names

TEAM NAMES CAPTAINS COLORS DRAFT PICK AND SEASON Atlantic CAT Troy MacDonald Black 1st pick, 08/09, Reg Sea Championship Travis Haines Black 4th pick, 09/10 Average Joes Scott McL... More>