Final Stats and Standings 2016-2017

The final week of play provided some interesting results, setting the stage for what should prove to be a very interesting opening round.  For full stats and standings please see the “STATISFACTION” page and link.  Congratulations to all on a spectacularly competitive season, as teams and individuals.

Results Week 20:

Final Standings:  A spectacular late surge by Mighty Whities, who just fell short of catching the Post-To-Post First place Silverbacks.

Goalies:  Congratulations to Tony Bonnar, leading one of the stingiest collection of goal-denying, stupefying, electrifying, synthesizing ‘tenders that ‘ere were to facade the mesh.  (Click on image to enlarge).

And finally…. The Piercing Swords Of Swat, The Panache of Points, The Pinnacle of Pounce…(AND a surprisingly twist!!!!).  Congrats to Marc Guitard AND Tim O’Leary, Co-Habitors of the Penthouse Des Pointes, with 129 points apiece.


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