Our 12th Banquet

Earlier we closed out our 12th season with this year’s banquet.  Again, Dolan’s provided the venue for our celebration and we had a great turnout.  All 8 teams were well represented as we applauded the award recipients.  I’m going to try my best to remember everyone who attended, along with the award winners, but unfortunately this wannabe journalist wasn’t keeping track of who was there or who won what.  Thus, having to depend on my memory.  So I apologize in advance if I end up leaving anyone out.

First, I’ll attempt the banquet attendees by the teams they represented.  Again, I’m sorry if I forgot anyone.  Killer Whales – James Campbell, Sean Keenan, Bryan Letcher, Matt Petitpas, Rakesh Rajput, and Jeff Smith.  Maybe Richard Kwiatkowski but I’m not sure.  Silverbacks – Marc Guitard, Carl Brown, Troy Doyle, Mike Luff, Cory Lupin, Ian Stevens, and Tony Bonnar.  Mighty Whities – Collin Sleep, Jean-Marc Gionet, David MacKenzie, and Stephen Rafuse.  Purple Reign – Phil Cronkite.  Average Joes – Scott McLean, Brent McKenna, Tim O’Leary, Matt Vautour, Doug Virtue and maybe Tim Tremblay, but I’m not sure.  Spitfires – Doug Taylor, Larry Condly, Tyson Taylor, Matt Wedge, Paul Richard, plus another player (Kyle Arsic maybe, but I’m not sure).  Collective – Rick Bartlett, Aaron Cornish, Wayne Helpard, Danny Lowe, Jeff Stewart, and Brandon Leet-MacFarlane.  Seeing Red – Jamie Carson, Yvon Mayer, and Darryl Moorcroft.  Also attending were Melissa Christie Carson (Jamie’s Mrs.), Samantha Grant (Darryl’s better half), Carl’s Mrs. (sorry I don’t remember her name), and Phil’s significant other (sorry I don’t know her name either).  That’s 42 people that I can remember for sure.  I recall quite a few years ago thinking 30 was good.  A huge thank you to all that were able to attend.

Now the awards.  Again, I apologize for forgetting anyone or making mistakes.  Please feel free to correct me.  League MVP – Marc Guitard.  Top Scorers – Marc Guitard/Tim O’Leary.  Most Goals – Marc Guitard.  Top Goalie – Tony Bonnar.  Top Forward – Sean Keenan or Brian Kelly (sorry, not sure).  Top Defense – Bryan Letcher.  Condly Award – Brian Kelly.  Most Improved Player – Rakesh Rajput.  Top New Player – Ben Berger.  Team MVP – Killer Whales/Sean Keenan (?), Silverbacks/Tony Bonnar, Whighty Whities/Mike Moore, Purple Reign/Brian Kelly, Average Joes/Jim Taylor, Spitfires/Matt Wedge, Collective/Brandon Leet-MacFarlane, Seeing Red/Jamie Carson.  Doug Taylor, our CEO, also handed out some wonderful league jackets in appreciation to players who have been involved and valued during the 12 years of the league.  In my opinion, none have been more valuable than Doug, who ironically, didn’t get a jacket.  The guys that I think did were Jamie Carson, Darryl Moorcroft, Mike Moore, Phil Cronkite, Mike Connor, Tim O’Leary, James Campbell, Wayne Helpard, Troy Doyle, and Rick Bartlett.  Aaron Cornish won the draw for next season’s league fees.

A special thanks goes out to Doug Taylor (CEO), Jamie Carson (President), Troy Doyle (Vice President), and Tim O’Leary (Events Coordinator) for the wonderful job they did organizing our 12th banquet.  Awesome job guys.  We’re all looking forward to next season.  Until then, take care.

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