2017-2018 Registration is now open

So here we are again with another great season under our belt and registration for the this season is underway. There are a few things that have changed in anticipation of increased costs and some ideas to expand and solidify the future of FBHL. One of them being transparency among the league. As such, we’ll be posting and notifying everyone of meetings and post meeting notes. Here are the notes from the past meeting:

  • UNB South gym times are the same as last year.
  • Registration will close on the 20th of August.
  • Draft will take place the following week.
  • Season to start on the 10th
  • Rookie game to be discussed later in August for time and location
  • Get in touch with those who were not able to register last year. We have a few women who have shown interest in the past.
  • $160 for registration this year to handle increased costs and put money back in the bank.
  • $60 for registration deposit and paid in full by second week of play.
  • Players pay just over $6/week to play in he league which covers insurance, equipment and floor time.
  • Registration will go up early July
  • We really want to entice people to pay 1/3 of their registration early to cover our costs out of the gate.
  • Early bird registration (paid in full) and we’d draw for free registration the following year. August 1 for the draw
  • Spares will be required to pay $20 which covers insurance and an additional $5 per week.
  • Each team is guaranteed 62 games.
  • Referral system to have an area on the registration form. If you provide a name, their name will go into a draw for an undetermined prize. Hopefully this will entice players to introduce new guys to the league and gain interest.
  • 1 ballot per referral
  • Goalies can now be captains
  • Write up some language for policy for players and safety to decline those we deem to not be fit for our league.
  • Change language on the Facebook page and website about gentleman’s league. This is in preparation for expansion.

And so here we are. We are excited to have more input and ideas from the league this year and encourage you all to get in touch with us. As always, we want this season to be the best and look forward to seeing you all in September.

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