FINAL GOALIE STATS > 2017-2018, accounting for sparing

As promised here are the final goalie stats that take into account games played as a spare, separating those from a goalie’s
stats WHILE playing for his own team.  (As an example poor Rick Kent’s previous stats included 2 games playing as a spare for lowly Purple Tr8rz while playing against the Big Bad Bully North Stars.)

Taking such things into account you will find The Race was a lot closer than you’d think!!!

NOTE:  In the link below the “Grey” area lists all regular goalies names a second time.  This reflects their results while playing as a spare. Predictably the results were not as good as while playing with respective teams.

I encourage you to scroll through ALL pages as goaltending records show records and GAA vs each team.

Click link or image for better viewing.


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