Take the Red Pill… Here is THE MATRIX!

Long overdue but here it is: THE MATRIX

For those who may be unfamiliar with the MATRIX it is basically a summary of each player’s points and how they got them:
1) Who assisted on their goals (1st assts, 2nd assts broken out)
2) Who they assisted to (similarly broken out)
3) How many unassisted goals were scored by each
4) How many goals were assisted by spare players
5) How many assists each player had to spare players.

In addition if you scroll to the right you can see total COMBINED points between any pairing of players. Not surprisingly
Luke Demmings and Kyle Getson lead the league in this category, teaming up for an ASTONISHING 49 points together.

Click link for detailed Matrix

Image to assist navigating (with apologies to quality).

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