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Enter the Matrix > See the Statsifaction Page

Psst…. Check out the link on the “Statisfaction” page to see the MATRIX. The Matrix shows you all the combinations of points you have (who assists your goals, who you assist to…, how many unassisted goals each player has…) All that and a bag of chips…   Tweet

Update to Current Standings/Stats/Goalies

Hello all and Happy New Year! There have been some updates to stats due to a variety of little gremlins.  Please links below for current deets.  (Please note > Goalie stats need a second pass through… they are fundamentally correct but need to validate some Spare goalie details). PS:  If you see anything out of…

Week 11 Standings, Stats, and Goalies

With apologies for delays (there is some validation of these required) here are draft standings, stats, and goalies through Week 11. Over the Christmas holidays there will be time to validate and get some “goodies” added into the stats.  After the validation source files will be available for Web posting and individual week-by-week posts will…