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Player Stats Through Week 3

UPDATE: Please note a bug has been found in stats update. NEW UPDATE: NOTE: Bug corrected (sorry Bruno…. No points for you this week) Hello Fredders, Click link for complete list of player stats through Week 3 (sorry goalies… still working on it). PlayerStats_ThroughWeek03d Here are your top 20 through week 3. Tweet

Standings Through Week 2

Hello all, Click on links below for standings after Week 1 and Week 2. Image is for the current standings. Standings_Week01 Standings_Week02b Current Standings: Tweet

Team Standings & Player Stats – Through Week 2

Hello Gents, This is simply the “Meat And Potato” player stats through Week 2. There will be lots more bells, whistles, metrics and pretty colors shortly but at least this points out basic stats. Goalie and standings stats to follow Wednesday. Enjoy. PlayerStats_ThroughWeek02   Team Standings Please note I did not account for goals for…

Week 2 Gamesheets

Hello all, Click link to see the deets for Week 2 action. Updates to stats and standings to follow this evening. Thanks for your patience. GameSheets_Week02_All Tweet

Week 1 Game Sheets

Great action and close games in Week 1! Kudos Pylons in going undefeated. Rookies…. VERY IMPRESSIVE! Welcome to the Freddy Ball Hockey league! The Statisfaction application is currently being re-vamped but for now click link below for access to Game sheets from Week 1. PDF GameSheets_Week01_All-b EXCEL GameSheets_Week01 Tweet