Sunday October 21, 2018 @ Currie Center

  • 5:00 PMGRI vs MEG
  • 5:25 PMGRI vs WHA
  • 5:50 PMMEG vs NG
  • 6:15 PMGRI vs NG
  • 6:40 PMMEG vs WHA
  • 7:05 PMWHA vs NG
  • 7:30 PMBLA vs BLU
  • 7:55 PMBLA vs RR
  • 8:20 PMBLU vs TC
  • 8:45 PMBLA vs TC
  • 9:10 PMBLU vs RR
  • 9:35 PMRR vs TC

Championship Day! 11:30 Wear Your Team Colors!

Good Luck to North Stars and Goal Diggers for a titanic showdown!

All other players are invited to come out and celebrate this finale to a great season… and who knows…maybe get some press with CBC ( who are attending today’s matches ).


Wear your team colors!  You should all be proud of your part in making the Freddy Ball Hockey League the great organization  that it is.


Cya all there!


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Stats Through Round 2

Player Stats: (click to enlarge) Matt Wedge leading the pack…. Goalie Stats: Paul Richard…. LESS than a goal a game!   Tweet ... More>