Schedule Week 7 (Nov 4th): PLEASE TAKE NOTE!

Please note the games listed on the Schedule 2018 are not correct.  Below is the order of the games for Nov 4th. Note the the teams in the early block are Yellow, Blue, Purple and Black.  Teams in t... More>

Week 04 Top Twenty + Goalie Stats

“Top Twenty” reflects top 20 in league scoring, as well as anyone tied for 20th position in terms of total points.                         Tweet ... More>

Schedule Week 05 Confirmation

Be advised there was a schedule change from original posting.  Image below reflects updated schedule (as appears on Schedule 2018 page. Tweet ... More>

Game Sheets – As Entered Weeks 1 and 2

Hey Freddys….. As a confirmation to stats (and because anyone can make a mistake) I will be providing the game sheets as entered for each week.  These can be compared to the physical game shee... More>

Who Wants Stats? Weeks 1 and 2 in Pictures

Apologies for the format (still working stuff out) but here are the game results for Weeks 1 and 2.  [NOTE:  In Week 01 Blackout and Grizzlies did not play each other due to time constraint] Click l... More>