Knapper 100% Dek hockey

Sunday November 17, 2019 @ UNB Currie Center

  • 5:00 PMGIA vs BLA
  • 5:25 PMGIA vs COB
  • 5:50 PMBLA vs SHA
  • 6:15 PMGIA vs SHA
  • 6:40 PMBLA vs COB
  • 7:05 PMCOB vs SHA
  • 7:30 PMFIR vs MRD
  • 7:55 PMFIR vs TW
  • 8:20 PMMRD vs LOB
  • 8:45 PMFIR vs LOB
  • 9:10 PMMRD vs TW
  • 9:35 PMTW vs LOB

Week 01 Goalie Stats

Still work to do but here are the initial outputs. Note: Regular league goalies records for when they are playing for their own team are now separated from their stats while playing as a spare fo... More>

Week 01 Standings and Player Stats

Still working out coding for goalie stats (going to separate stats from when playing on your team vs playing as a spare) but for now here are the player stats and standings (full list of stats at lin... More>