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Week 19 (Mar 24) Standings, Stats, and Goalies

Penultimate regular season week is in the books, with plenty of intrigue set for Week 20 (Mar 31st). The battle for first place could well be decided as Blackout and Whalers will face each other in Week 20. The result of that race determines who faces who in matchups with the surging Blaze and Megadepth…

Week 18 (Mar 10) Standings Stats and Goalies

The only thing for certain after Week 18 is that No Regretzkys will finish in third place. That said Grant Donovan has a 23 point lead over second place in the scoring race…. I might be persuaded to bet that with 6 games left he may just squeak by with the title. 🙂 Tweet

Enter the Matrix > See the Statsifaction Page

Psst…. Check out the link on the “Statisfaction” page to see the MATRIX. The Matrix shows you all the combinations of points you have (who assists your goals, who you assist to…, how many unassisted goals each player has…) All that and a bag of chips…   Tweet