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Hot Shots By Week

In the Final Week of Play Vinnie MacDonald goes postal with a 15 point day, narrowly surpassing teammate Doug Taylor’s 14 pts.  They were joined in the top ten with teammate Ian Stevens (11pts).  Blue Storm and Purple Heys also had top ten triplets while Bryan “THE Machine” Letcher hammered home 8 points to fill out the top 10.



Ray “chases” the elusive 200 point season with an 11 point effort to go one up on teammate Marc Guitard’s 10 point day.  Scott McLean serves up an 8 point gem to prove Green Machine is a multi-pronged arsenal heading into the playoffs.  Jamie Williams (Red) and Matthew Petitpas (Blue) answer the question: “Where’s The Beef?” with a boldly stated (in front of the net putting the ball in the net).


Veteran superstars Doug Taylor and Tim O’Leary lead the Week 18 mob with 10 points apiece… Showing ball hog upstart Matt Wedge (9 GOALS!) that assists can count as points too.  :-).  The new and improved Dwayne Johnson continues a torrid scoring pace that leads a Retributive excursion to first place.


Part-timers Richard Kwiatkowski and Sly Villeneuve show the pack how it’s done in Week 17.  White dynamos Keenan and Calder nominee D-Mac, and Brian Kelly of the Retribution also zap double digit performances.

Week17_HotShotsBe leery o’ Tim:

O’Leary playing like a kid again, racks up double digits.


Green MONSTER!  Sleep rockets 13 goals and 3 assists to lead all scoring in Week 15.   Chase (ho-hum!) sparkles yet again but Yvon “Frenchy” Mayer, Jamie Carson and Matthew Wedge all post double digit weeks to serve notice they are not goalie-friendly adversaries.


Sean Keenan posts second highest total of the 2015-16 season


Welcome back, Dwayne Johnson with a Thunderous 13 points!  Sean Keenan kicks in 9 goals, 4 assists to try and keep pace.




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