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Reverse District 18’s decision to ban ball hockey from school gyms

The purpose of this petition is to officially register our opposition to School District 18’s decision to ban the sport of ball hockey from all school gym facilities in the district.

We believe that as ball hockey players, our sport promotes physical health by encouraging active recreation and positive lifestyle choices. It also promotes social health by inviting people to pursue healthy activities together– fostering a more socially connected community while reinforcing a culture of well-being.

Further to this, we believe that the most important responsibility of any community is to promote its members’ health and well-being, to help them thrive as individuals and as a collective. We believe that School District 18’s recent decision to ban the sport of ball hockey from all of its school gym facilities is not only working against the initiative of health and well-being, but is also discriminating specifically against us by singling us out as the only sport they will no longer permit to play in their school gym facilities.

We therefore request that School District 18 reverse this act of discrimination and once again permit all ball hockey groups to use school gym facilities for the purpose of playing our sport.

Sign the Petition and get ball hockey back in schools

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