Knapper 100% Dek hockey


Rules and regulations

  1. We ref ourselves and penalties will be called as seen fit by the captain or assistants. All offenders will sit a full two minutes. This means you will miss a full shift if you are hauled off the floor. If you jump back on early, you will be pulled off to sit again for two minutes.
  2. Fighting will not be tolerated anywhere on the premises. You will be banned from league play, end of story, and you will not get your money refunded. This also applies to punching another player. No vicious intent toward another player (example: shooting the ball toward another player)
  3. No spearing, slashing, cross-checking, checking from behind and butt-ending someone with the stick. Anyone caught doing this intentionally, will face punishment.
  4. No body checking. A little contact is okay around the net or the corners so long as you are playing the ball but keep it to a minimum.
  5. No holding a player or another player’s stick. The offending player will be asked to sit and his team will lose possession of the ball.
  6. CBHA approved helmet and gloves are mandatory.
  7. All disputes on the floor – including goals, penalties or out of play balls – will be handled by the goal judges/Referee. They will call slashing, sliding, and other infractions. For the playoffs there will be 1 goal judge/referee at each corner.

Their calls are final, so there will be no arguing over whether it was a goal or not. Continuing to argue after the call, could result in a game ejection.

  • No sliding, though you can drop to block shots. We are playing for fun and want to reduce injuries. You’ll get a first warning, second warning you go to the bench for 2 min, 3rd warning you’ll be sent home.
  • If the ball goes in the bleachers or goes under the bench, it goes to the opposite team.
  • After the goalie covers up the ball, you must give the defending player three seconds behind the net to play the ball. If the goalie plays the ball in front of the net, then it is considered in play and is fair game.
  • Goalies cannot cover up the ball behind the net. (Including through the mesh)
  • No hand passes in or into the offensive zone, this is defined by the center line.
  • You cannot close your hand on the ball, but you can swat the ball with an open hand.
  • No stepping on the ball in the corner, along the wall or around the net. Offending team will lose procession of the ball.
  • Face protection is not enforced, though for the purpose of full coverage through insurance, you will need to have a full cage or full visor. Half visor is only partially covered.
  • Hitting the ball or knocking it down with a high stick will result in a loss of possession.
  • No tape on the bottom blade of the stick.
  • No marking shoes.
  • No drugs or alcohol are permitted in or on premises. We do not want to lose the use of the facility. Watch your swearing as well since other activities could be happening at the same time throughout the facility.
  • Do not cross the floor during a game. You are to remain on one side of the gym until the game ends or there is a break in the game. No one should be sitting on the floor, there are currently two small pull out bleachers that sit 3-4 people comfortably. If more people wish to watch, stand in the hallway, or sit on the top bleacher. Also, only one person in each corner for goal judges/referee.
  • If the clock is stopped due to injury, the injured player must sub off for at least one full shift.
  • The last 2 teams who play, must cleanup the floor and locker room. This includes erasing black marks and sweep the floor (usually the guy that works there will sweep and do a walkthrough) before the game.
  • Clock will start running at 12, or when the floor is ready to play. If you are missing players, your game will be shortened.

The FBHL committee reserves the right to take disciplinary action against any player who fails to comply by the rules and regulations as previously stated. Failure to comply could result in a suspension and/or possible termination from the league.