Polaris or Goal ‘R Us? North Stars Take Aim the ‘Diggers in Finals, 11:30 AM

C’mon out Sunday at 11:30 AM …. Here’s what’s in store

They drew first and second in the draft.
They were first and second in the standings all season.
They were first and second in the playoffs.

and now…. The Top Two teams will meet on one last Sunday.

It will be the Top Offense vs the Top Defense in:
The Summit of Swag
The Hoe-Down Showdown
The Acme of Attackery
The Bash And the Clash for all the Cash

The… okay you get the idea…

Goal Diggers aim to be the “Gold” Diggers when the take on the North Stars Sunday at 11:30 AM for
The Whole Enchilada
The Brass Ring
All The Marbles….

Okay okay… here’s how it played out between these two teams in the regulars season

Records vs Each Other:
(slight edge North Stars but Goal Diggers won 2 of last 3):

Shooters vs Opponent Goalies:
Timeless Tim O’Leary leads all vs each other

Goalies vs Opponents:
A mere 2 goals difference between Paul and Mark against each other

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