Week 19 (Mar 24) Standings, Stats, and Goalies

Penultimate regular season week is in the books, with plenty of intrigue set for Week 20 (Mar 31st). The battle for first place could well be decided as Blackout and Whalers will face each other in Week 20. The result of that race determines who faces who in matchups with the surging Blaze and Megadepth squads, who have both proven in the past couple of weeks that they can beat anybody.

Outside of Grizzlies running the table and Top Cheese going O-fer the other matchups will be No Regretzkys facing Grizzlies and Red Rockets facing Top Cheese in the opening rounds. Vegas won’t even touch either series.

About the only thing certain is that Grant Donovan is going to win the scoring title. Cody Hickey Court can take the goaltending crown if he skips Week 20, or allows fewer than 12 goals, regardless of anything Andrew Thomas can muster. Great season gents!

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